The Hi-Life Companion new album release date!



The Hi-Life Companion’s new album ‘Our Years in the Wilderness‘ will be released on the 16th June – with a track or two available for download before then. It’ll be available through CD Baby, ITunes, Amazon and of course, us.

It features 11 brand new songs, mixed by the evergreen and ever-patient Mr James Muir and mastered by Chris Bauer. It’s taken the band at least four years to make and we’re told that the they have no intention of making another one for quite some time, so fed up are they with click-tracks, computers, trillions of tuneless takes and staring at waveforms. On the bright side the band plan to play a few shows later this year and are in fact already rehearsing in a barn IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE which is apparently like The Big Pink but without the Pink. 

We love the sound of the new album and we hope you will too – it’s dark, romantic, brooding and melancholy but with plenty of tunes, harmonies, trumpets and strings. 

We’ll update this site with more details nearer the time, and also any tour dates




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